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  1. Obey traffic laws.
  2. Follow the standards and practices listed in Rider Responsibilities. In addition to this short list, “Rules of the Road”, they include Cycling Etiquette and Safe Cycling Practices.  Safety is a primary concern, and participating in a Club ride is an implicit agreement to abide by these norms and practices.
  3. “Share the Road” is a two-way street; act with respect and courtesy towards everyone on the road.
  4. Ride cautiously and consistently so that others can predict your movements and respond safely.
  5. Helmets, ID, and medical and emergency contact information are mandatory on all Club rides.
  6. The use of earbuds, headphones or cell phones while riding is not permitted. It just isn’t safe to bicycle without our full attention on the task at hand.
  7. Clear and effective communication is a requirement of group riding.  It includes signaling things such as hazards, turning, passing, slowing, stopping, and the presence of oncoming vehicles.  It also includes exemplifying and politely advocating for safe and cautious cycling.

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