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SRCC Tour History

by Bill Oetinger

On the last evening of 2022 Northern Oregon Tour, Bill Conklin suggested it would be cool if we had a history of all the past club tours. That thought simmered away on some back-burner in my mind for a couple of months and then, as I found spare moments, I began putting together such a document. Now it’s done and available to anyone who might be interested.

It’s a fairly hefty document: 149 pages and almost 20 MB as a pdf you can download. The “book” will be self-explanatory—it includes an introduction—but I’ll add here that it covers 47 official club tours—so far—and has an additional chapter on unofficial club tours, of which there have been many, from Goats to Gourmets. Each of the official tours gets between one and four pages of coverage. There are over 350 photos. Additionally, where available, there are links to all the past tour preview booklets, as well as several articles about the tours that appeared elsewhere. All of that together adds up to somewhere over 1200 pages of copy about our tours. The history will be updated each year as new tours are completed.

Thanks to all the club members who helped me to pull all this history together. We want this to be as accurate and as complete as possible, so if you find any errors or omissions, please let me know.

If you’re interested, download the file and enjoy a tour down Memory Lane.

—Bill Oetinger


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