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click for text of policy adopted by the Board on 5/6/15

Note: No need to nominate Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition - the club makes a separate annual donation to SCBC.

Each year in the fall (when we are able), the SRCC solicits nominations from members via an online process. Members then vote and any organization that gets at least 5% of the final vote tally will receive a donation. Each member may nominate up to THREE organizations.

Th following criteria govern nomination(s):

  • Nominees must be local to the Bay Area and have 501(c)(3) non-profit status. 
  • Nominations are required to include the full name of the nominee and include a web address for the nominee’s own website. 
  • Any club member who does nominate an organization should be no more than a general member of the group they wish to nominate. In other words, no board members or officers of a particular group will be allowed to nominate their own organization.

Once the nominations have been reviewed by the Board of Directors, those organizations which meet the stated criteria will be announced and members will be asked to place their votes (each member gets three votes) on the Club’s website.

Any organization not receiving at least 5% of the final vote tally will not receive a donation. Organizations awarded grants will be announced at the following General Meeting and in other club communiques.


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